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Welsh Masters

Circle of Strife – Faction Blog

Author: Brett W

I returned triumphantly with swag and trophies galore alongside securing the best team award alongside my good compatriots from Epic Flail. We all agreed once again that the Welsh Open might well be the best tournament held within the UK having hammered out a 7 round Masters event against quality opponents and had the opportunity to catch up with old and make new friends. So why would I subsequently feel somewhat disillusioned and downbeat? Unfortunately I think that might have something to do with the meta that seems to be developing and Circles place as it starts to take shape… Continue reading “Welsh Masters”

Terrain Placement Guidance


Fury Management – getting terrain right for great games!

Author: Jason Enos

We have all come across them… those Cryx players that place a hill in the middle of the board to run their Satyxis Raiders onto T1, the Circle players who seem to only want to play thematic games fought in the middle of the Thornwood, the Cygnar players that like to fight on barren wastelands devoid of life or buildings and the Troll players that do a little pee in their pants whenever they come to a table with walls positioned next to water features. So how in the world should you address the creation of boards where terrain has a meaningful impact upon game without obviously advantaging certain factions or list designs?

Continue reading “Terrain Placement Guidance”

Epic TV Unboxing – Kallus and Azreal

Check out our latest unboxing and review of Kallus and Azreal with Epic TV and Flail member Northy.

The Desert Hydra


How d’Halaak me now?

Author: Gav Beckitt

Now I have been known to over enthusiastically discuss with gaming buddies how much I love playing with my huge snake. They nod, half listening as I eulogise about its potential to reach out and touch you while excitedly spraying everything in sight. My colleagues nonplussed by my passion to share recommended I post something on the internet as it is often seen as the natural habitat for such discussions and content… although a number of the websites they directed me to did not seem appropriate for such content?!

Continue reading “The Desert Hydra”

#Designspace problems


How d’Halaak me now?

Author: Gav Beckitt

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is being a Skorne player. The unbridled optimism that preceded the release of MKIII was instantly crushed by the harsh reality of what they had done to create design space within the faction. So much #designspace had been created that any ‘lock, beast, solo or unit would instantly enhance the playstyle and competitiveness of the Faction. So in that regard you could suggest it was great success. Then the rumours emerged, whispers on the night, snippets of info & rhetoric from PP…we made a mistake, we went too far, sorry guys – lets all hug, make up & try again.

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Tales of a Faction Magpie


Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

Author: Matt Darvill

As a faction magpie, I have purchased over my 4 years of playing warmachine 7 factions of which I still own 4. I just cannot get enough of privateer press models. So when I heard back in 2015 that PP were looking to introduce a new faction to Hordes I was totally hyped for this.

Loads of ideas/rumours of a new Hordes faction have floated around the web and within local gaming communities as to what we might be getting, but now come 2017 we have found out exactly what the next hordes installment is…

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England WTC


England WTC Captains Applications & Invitational Fundraiser

A reminder for all those interested. Captain application deadlines is Saturday 18th February. Please send any applications to

Please also start sending in player applications so we (the committee) can start to gauge interest in the event.

And finally and most importantly – a massive thank you to York Wargames Club for donating ALL the money raised from Vapnartak GT and the Invitational to the WTC fund!

Epic Unboxing Una the Skyhunter – YouTube video


Una the Skyhunter – Epic unboxing! Click the link below for our first ever video! Plenty more to come, so please subscribe!

Epic Unboxing Una the Skyhunter – YouTube video


50/50 Shades of Grey

 Image result for feel better by denial

Fury Management

Author: Paul North

Here is a good old rant for you. Why do people have such belief in seeing one of the most diverse wargames on the market as black and white?! The amount of times I read a forum post, Facebook comment or hear someone at an event talk as though years’ worth of scientific study has been conducted on their statement. I have always felt that certainty around anything in life is dangerous ground, and people who have utter certainty based on simply their own experience should be absolutely avoided.

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