For the Motherland! Adventures with Kovnik Joe and the Rifle Corps

Authors: Mike East and Phil Shaw

Welcome Komrades. The enemies of the Motherland are in disarray and have fled the field under the withering fire power of our finest warriors. Our battle hardened and grizzled Komrades in the Winter Guard Rifle Corp have been instrumental in bringing down our hated foes in droves. Under the leadership of Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich, our reputation now spreads across the land and our enemies reel in fear when we march to war. Death comes quickly to those who underestimate us.”

Cast your mind back to 6 months. Remember a time when Winter guard Rifle Corp were a unheard of unit. Just another page in the Forces of Khador book that got skipped over in favour of the popular Winter Guard Infrantry. Well, those days are long gone and potentially a new era is here to stay.


MK3 saw Rifle Corp converted into the go to unit for Khador, becoming an almost auto include with any Warcaster because of their flexibility and power even without Warcaster support. We are confident by now everyone has faced them across the battlefield and felt threatened by their presence, but what exactly has made them so popular?


Firstly, gaining combined ranged attack instead of covering fire gave them that small hit and damage boost needed to put them level with other ranged units that are popular. Rat 7 Pow 12 shots can do some pretty reliable damage at a safe distance.  Then secondly, add the new changes to weapon attachments. Joe and his boys can now be accompanied by 3 of the recently buffed up rocketeers allowing them to not only threaten light armoured troops but also heavily armoured Warjacks/Warbeasts. They don’t benefit from the CRA but when they do hit directly, they get an additional dice to their already impressive pow 12 rocket attacks. Averaging POW 22 on the hit is something that Warjacks, Beasts and particularly Warcasters do not enjoy. Assassinations Ahoy… With Joe boosting attack rolls for the entire unit at the drop of hat, things start to look a bit dicey for whoever is in the crosshairs. Add a sprinkle of Warcaster spells and abilities and things end up going well over the curve. (did I also mention they can threaten this from 20” away?).


For a complete 24 Points, Khador have access to a totally self-sufficient unit that can reliably hit DEF 15 at pow 10’s or snipe out even the most difficult of enemies. All of which is backed up by the superior fire power of the rocketeers that hit Warpwolves without too much difficulty. Then they truly have become the best unit in Khador & all of a sudden the term “Winter Guard Death Star” starts to make more sense…


So the Rifle Corp + Joe package is pretty much auto include with many of the casters although there remains a few notable ‘Casters that when used in conjunction with the WGRCDS make them really shine.


Having trouble hitting? Well Kommander Sorscha has that covered with both freezing grip and her powerful controlling feat: Winter’s Chill. She also makes them move that little bit quicker.


Lacking damage? Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov has that in the bag. Turning the firing squad into weapon masters means that even pow 10’s can shred the armour of the toughest beast. Rocketeers rolling an average of 26 at range 14 is a scary thing. But what happens when the enemy closes in? Well give them Fury, have Joe rile them up with the power of Bears Strength and away they go. Pow 15 in combat with the potential to be weapon masters under The Butcher’s Feat. Not bad for a ranged unit.


Finally, Vladamir Tzepesci. Hand of Fate/Signs & Portents turns the unit into ‘S’ tier every turn. Roughly adding +2 RAT/POW on every turn can see this unit rinse through almost any foe and is certainly a firm favourite.  The list goes on and on…


But watchout! With the threat of an errata hitting in the New Year, the Khador honeymoon could be over. Keep your fingers crossed that Joe and his boys escape the nerf bat. Fortunately for Joe and his friends, Karchev and the Mad dogs are hogging the lime light as the axe swings. So get your guns out, stock up on gun powder and let’s hope that Joe and the Rifle Corp keep on doing their thing in 2017 and beyond.