Wurmwood the Tree of Fate.

Author: Brett W

I don’t get it – people rave about him, the internet raves about him and the calls to address him in the upcoming errata have been consented to… even so there might still be an online petition about how good he is. But I just don’t get it… Wurmwood is pretty disappointing, in no way inspiring & certainly not very dynamic. So rather than explore what can be done to tone him down in this blog I will attempt to lay out how he could be improved!

Yes you read correctly, yes I have played him quite extensively and ok I accept I do not always conform to the norms in terms of thinking and perspectives around this game but nonetheless my point stands – something needs to be done to make him better!

Let us do a simple comparison: Wurmwood the most powerful tree in the whole of Immoren has a measly 7 branches, 12 skulls and 1 decomposed ribcage. In comparison the Gallows Grove comes swaggering in with 17 branches, 22 skulls, 4 decomposed ribcages & 2 mystic stones as the pièce de résistance.

Eerrmmm… wait a second… you have lost me a little… I thought we were talking about Wurmwood being made better?

At which point I hold my hands up – I may have deceived you slightly. I may have tricked you into reading a ‘hobby article’ by preying upon your prejudices about Wurmwood– you have my sincere apologies.

Unperturbed I will continue headlong – if this were Top Trumps the Gallows Grove wins on pretty much every category of note aside from base size. Why does this bother me so much you ask? Well I enjoy my painting and pottering with models. I normally have a system that helps keep me motivated when working on significant projects. When painting a unit (pretty boring) I usually batch paint 3 grunts at a time. This is interspersed by a fun model as a ‘treat’ which normally comes in the shape of a Warbeast / Jack or Caster. Therein lies the problem… where is the fun in painting a tree. Not even a cool tree (see above notes on skulls etc) either.

So I set about taking this (Courtesy of fellow club member John Swiers):

jsww jscww

And turning it into something more interesting. This immediately posed a number of problems because the standard approach to converting is limited somewhat by the baseline model. I am not sure there is much merit in ‘reposing’ a tree? You cannot really give him a new dynamic pose for example. So I played around with a number of other ideas including adding detail to the base (difficult due to roots spreading over most of base), adding ‘wildlife’ to the tree (An Una hawk or Wrong Eye Crow for eg.), adding additional detritus to the branches (in the form of armour plates or shields) or most obviously adding foliage. None of these however floated my boat until I happened upon the image used in the article title thumbnail. The fluff of Soul Taker provided inspiration for the conversion.

[aside: I have now written a Hobby article that also makes reference to the background fluff & story… I think I may have just done a little vomit in my mouth].

So with the ‘soul’ conversion settled upon I set about selecting an appropriate ghostly apparition & settled upon one of these fellows:


Then I cracked on with some painting. The Spirit Host helped add a little bit of pop to the model in terms of a point of interest / reference on the model. It succeeded in drawing the eye & attention to the model a presented a solid start point as the WIP below illustrates:


To compliment the bit of colour the Soul added to the model as a whole & the change in silhouette it provides I was confident that the model would at least draw the curious eye to it. Now I needed some detail & more subtle effects to enhance the model further & went about producing some icicles. An evening of melting flying bases over scented bath candles (not mine honest) later & I had achieved what I thought had more than a passing resemblance to the frozen stalagmites that would effectively add to the winter theme the army has going on.


Icicles added it was a simple case of adding my usual basing technique that has been employed across the rest of the Faction. Snow, long grass, tuffs & fallen leaves to give me the final finished product.

bwww bwcww

So by no means overly onerous in terms of time commitment. Not particularly requiring high level ‘hobby skills’ (because I don’t have those) but nonetheless an effective micro-conversion which brings a little uniqueness to the model while satisfying my desire to improve from the original.

…now to return to my WAAC gaming mentality with my all improved post errata fair & balanced Warlock.