Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

Author: Matt Darvill

As a faction magpie, I have purchased over my 4 years of playing warmachine 7 factions of which I still own 4. I just cannot get enough of privateer press models. So when I heard back in 2015 that PP were looking to introduce a new faction to Hordes I was totally hyped for this.

Loads of ideas/rumours of a new Hordes faction have floated around the web and within local gaming communities as to what we might be getting, but now come 2017 we have found out exactly what the next hordes installment is…

Privateer Press at Smogcon 6 (and in 2018 to become Lock and Load EU) announced that Grymkins will be the new hordes faction. I attended both the announcement and the Grymkins faction talk whilst at Smogcon 6 to find out as much as I possibly could from Will Hungerford in regards to rules and play style.

Now I am not particularly fluffy when it comes to games (other than having a beard) so I am going to just jump straight into what has been spoiled so far model wise.

Grymkins breakdown

Grymkins is looking to be another limited faction the same as convergence with new models being released maybe once or twice a year if that. The idea of a limited faction is to target the gamers who would love to play Hordes and Warmachine but just want to buy models once, get them painted up really nice and not have to keep buying models to stay up to date.

Defiers (Warlocks)

The Warlocks of the Grymkin faction are known as Defiers (because they hate Menoth and all that he stands for or something fluffy like that) Grymkins are getting 5 Defier warlocks and a traditional warlock.

Defiers unlike conventional Hordes factions will not have a Feat they instead have a modular 3 piece set of Arcana abilites. Each Warlock (Defier) will have an inbuilt Arcana and then can choose 2 more from an Arcana deck which we believe initially will be 10 cards. The 2 additional Arcana abilities are chosen after list selection to have the most impact on the game.


The Arcana can be triggered by a multitude of events from a model dying to a model coming within a certain distance of another model. Some reactive Arcana will also be triggerable by the player in order to get inside your opponents head.

Old Witch 2 – Zevanna Agha



So the above is very exciting for both Grymkins and Khador players like myself , as Khador will be getting a version of this (Old Witch 3). The Feat for the new versions of Old Witch has not yet been decided but what has been confirmed by PP is that old witch working for Khador will NOT be summoning Grymkin.

What we know:

  • Huge Base
  • Fury/Focus 6 most likely
  • Has Scourge as a spell at the moment (Range 8 – Knockdown – AOE 3 – Pow 13)
  • As a glowing bulb like thing on the back that might be for spawning new infantry or corrupting the minds of the enemy

The Heretic


From what we know The Heretic seems to be the main man in the fluff for Grymkin so hopefully the fluff will translate nicely into tabletop rules.

What we know:

  • Most Likely a buffing warlock
  • Fury 6/7 (to be decided)

 The Child


The Child is set to be a nice butcher/Karchev like bruiser of a warlock set on a large base.

What we know:

  • A lot is going to burn if you start breaking her toys
  • Both the child and monster share the same base.

The Dreamer


What we know:

  • The Dreamer has 3 Phantasms that she spawns a small, Medium and Large base.
  • The small base Phantasm we believe is a angry Mouse
  • The large base Phantasm is a Titan warbeast with stumpy arms that is extremely durable to damage also has been described as a Piñata (will stuff come out when it is hit???)

The Wanderer and King of Nothing


As it stands we do not know a lot about these two. but below is what we managed to get out of Will Hungerford at Smogcon 6.

What we know:

  • The Wanderer has Fog of War and Star-Crossed
  • The Wanderer will be most likely Fury 6
  • King of Nothing will be a debuff caster
  • King of Nothing is fury 8


Very Few warbeasts have been spoiled so far but we expect more to be on the market this year than what we have below. The Warbeasts will use the fury mechanic like a traditional Hordes faction and include:

Skin and Moans


All we know about this warbeast is what is above you could say PP are keeping this one under wraps!

Cage Rager


If Orin Midwinter was experimented on and became a angry powerful Bane like creature he would be a Cage Rager

What we know:

  • Arcane Vortex – This model may spend fury/focus/soul tokens to negate any spell that targets a model within 3″ of this model. The COST of the spell remains spent.
  • Most likely uses souls/corpses as a fuel like Ruin in Khador

The Rattler (Light Warbeast)


We believe these do be a nice fast infantry clearing cheapish light warbeast.

Doglike thing seen in the spoiler clip


We are obviously unsure what this might be but we can safely assume this is a light warbeast that will be fast and maybe have leap?

Units of the Grymkin

The Grymkin faction is mainly a infantry faction.



What we know:

  • Ranged Unit
  • Eyeless Sight
  • Combined Ranged Attack (CRA)
  • The Lantern Holder is likely to be a UA with the ability to add new models to the unit from what Will Hungerford has told us at Smogcon.



What we know:

  • Weapon Masters
  • Tough to kill
  • Can pass corpes back to other models

 Piggy Backs


What we know:

  • Have Tough
  • 5 man unit of medium based Cav

 Murder Crows


Right at the end of the spoiler clip from Smogcon Murder crows are mentioned and during the faction talk on the Saturday we found out more.


What we know:

  • Medium based infantry
  • Stealth
  • And possibly have Prey


We unfortunatly have not seen the Nayslayers yet but we have some information about them.

What we know:

  • First small based Cav
  • 10 man unit
  • Armor Piercing lances

 Madcaps (Weapon Crew)

Again we have no picture.

 What we know:

  • Crazy Drunk cask wielding men
  • Stumbling drunk is in play testing for these
  • Spawn Cask Gimps (Solo) that charge forward and explode (Can even explode on you)


The Grymkins are going to get 1 single form of fury management in the solo of Lady Keriana Rose

What we know:

  • Lady Keriana Rose will have Enrage
  • If she falls in combat she gives the grymkin +1 to attack and Damage rolls the same as eye of menoth regardless of distance.

 Witch Wood


What we know:

  • Has Prowl
  • Has a Drag/Beguile ablilty to draw in the enemy
  • POW 15 (Currently in play testing)

 Trapper Kin

What we know:

  • Back Arc Bonus
  • Burrow
  • Inbuilt Sprint

Glimmer Imps

Crazy Spoon wielding imps who want to scoop out your eyes

What we know:

  • If a glimmer imp hits you it causes blind
  • If within 5″ enemy models suffer -2 Def

Cask Gimps

What we know:

  • Fast and Explode

Lord Longfellow


Lord longfellow has been referred to as a spider in clothes who hates nobles and anyone with a name for themselves (Characters)

What we know:

  • Finisher
  • RAT 8
  • 2/4 shots
  • Black Penny
  • Additional die on damage against characters

Battle Engines / Huge base models

The Grymkins will be getting 1 Battle engine and no Gargantuan

The Death Knell


What we know:

  • None offensive
  • Has Protective Aura
  • Collects Corpses


The Grymkins we can expect to be released with 2/3 tier lists. The grymkins will only have access to the Gobber Swarm as Merc/Minions help.

 Release Information

All of the above is shaping up to be a very nice and exciting new faction that will almost definitely be added to my own personal collection.

Privateer Press have said that the full Grymkin faction will be out on the market by September 2017 and models will start to be released from July 2017, So over a period of maybe 3 months we should be able to get our hands on this great new faction and start playing.

We have also been informed that the Grymkins faction book will be released at Lock and Load 2017 running over the weekend of July 14th – 16th so we should have rules on War Room 2 released over that weekend.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and look forward to more Faction Magpie Blogs in the future but for now get saving for this awesome new faction.

Flail Matt out.