How d’Halaak me now?

Author: Gav Beckitt

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is being a Skorne player. The unbridled optimism that preceded the release of MKIII was instantly crushed by the harsh reality of what they had done to create design space within the faction. So much #designspace had been created that any ‘lock, beast, solo or unit would instantly enhance the playstyle and competitiveness of the Faction. So in that regard you could suggest it was great success. Then the rumours emerged, whispers on the night, snippets of info & rhetoric from PP…we made a mistake, we went too far, sorry guys – lets all hug, make up & try again.

So with the dust settling on the Skorne Errata I feel that I have had enough time to digest the myriad of changes made to my beloved faction. And by the Exalted what changes!  Firstly I would like to say a massive thanks to the guys at PP for what they have done for Skorne. There is too much within the Errata to list in full but I think it is safe to say that the Skorne are now a REAL faction (like Real Madrid are a proper football team).

For me, the free charges from the Beast Handlers are the most impactful buff to the faction. Effectively granting every beast an additional fury, whilst also providing far more tactical flexibility than their previous versions and interactions with beasts (ie must charge).

The greatest problem with new age Skorne is choosing a Warlock! Not one of our Warlocks is unplayable! They all offer unique abilities and play styles, which are not only good (and in some cases fantastic) but are also enjoyable.

In a Meta quaking in the shadows of range dominance, the army of the Western Reaches offers the ability to shrug off the ranged attacks of less honourable races! Our anti ranged tech means that every Skorne player has a responsibility to help push the guns out of the Meta.  My personal favourite is currently Makeda1.

The Archdomina Makeda brings some serious anti Cygnar tech. Tired of being ‘Sloaned’? Add a unit of Scarabs for shield guards with arm 16 and 10 boxes. The Carapace rule works very well against AP shots because your armour is halved then the +4 is added. Making them Arm 10 vs Hunters Warjack guns, the same as a base Arm 20 model! Fed up of not making attacks on Haley 2’s feat turn? Molik is your man/cyclops! The lash, combined with an advance and fate walker seasoned with a sprinkling of rush and a little pinch of quicken can allow for unheard of boosts to speed on the time (b)witches feat. But it is Jackhammer that makes it threatening. In order to feat on your army Haley needs to remain out of Moliks threat. Who would have thought it? Controlling a control caster in Skorne… whatever next?!


Gavin Beckitt