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For the Motherland!

Much like the source of their creative Faction inspiration – the communist masses of Khador share the wealth of their knowledge ensuring no one is left in poverty when facing enemies of the nation.

The Man in the Machine


Karchev ‘the Terrible AWESOME’ – For the Motherland Blog

Author: Ben Robinson

The ‘Man in the Machine’ or maybe even the ‘Ghost in the shell’ for those that follow the latest adventures of Karchev in the Cryxian tunnels under the Thornwood. He has become a MKIII rompa-stomping legend on the tournament scene, casually dominating the World meta and probably leaving your local club members scratching their heads in vain. Fortunately the errata has changed all of that… or has it…

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Khador’s Deathstar


For the Motherland! Adventures with Kovnik Joe and the Rifle Corps

Authors: Mike East and Phil Shaw

Welcome Komrades. The enemies of the Motherland are in disarray and have fled the field under the withering fire power of our finest warriors. Our battle hardened and grizzled Komrades in the Winter Guard Rifle Corp have been instrumental in bringing down our hated foes in droves. Under the leadership of Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich, our reputation now spreads across the land and our enemies reel in fear when we march to war. Death comes quickly to those who underestimate us.”

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