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Newer players share experiences of their own steep learning curve to help you get to grips with the game!

Piece Trading – Tactica

chessNew Kids on the Blog: How to generate good trades

Author: Mike East

Welcome to the first in a series of Epic Flail articles aimed at teaching the new player how to improve their game. There are a number of key concepts that are useful to understand when positioning your models on the table and bringing their arms to bear on the enemy.  This article will go over the basics of a term commonly known as “Piece Trading”, and if you can get to grips with it, you will find that your game will improve greatly.

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The first mistake…

younoobExperiences of a new tournament player – New Kids on the Blog

Author: Ian Roberton

I’ve just finished 12th out of 16 players and I should be happy with that, after all it was my first ever tournament. But that’s the thing, I wasn’t happy. I was content I hadn’t come last at least (That accolade is saved for another of the contributing authors to this Blog) but the four games had passed me by and I felt like a rabbit stunned in the headlights of the talent around me. I felt I didn’t understand even the basics of the game and for the first and only time, I thought maybe the game wasn’t for me. I was of course wrong!

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