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England WTC


England WTC Captains Applications & Invitational Fundraiser

A reminder for all those interested. Captain application deadlines is Saturday 18th February. Please send any applications to

Please also start sending in player applications so we (the committee) can start to gauge interest in the event.

And finally and most importantly – a massive thank you to York Wargames Club for donating ALL the money raised from Vapnartak GT and the Invitational to the WTC fund!

England WTC


England WTC update.

Author: Phil Shaw Team England Administrator

I am pleased to announce that Christopher Lindley, Chris Young and Matt Darvill have joined the committee and will be helping me to drive the WTC forward this year. We will be working together to review the captains and then the full teams going forward. So going forward feel free to contact these guys with any queries along with myself.

I want to also thank Brett, Ryan and Andy who have given up their free time to launch Team England 2017 and pick up what was left from Holland 2016.

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