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Raging Against the Machine – Epic Blog

Northy’s rampaging is back, this time in blog form!

50/50 Shades of Grey

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Fury Management

Author: Paul North

Here is a good old rant for you. Why do people have such belief in seeing one of the most diverse wargames on the market as black and white?! The amount of times I read a forum post, Facebook comment or hear someone at an event talk as though years’ worth of scientific study has been conducted on their statement. I have always felt that certainty around anything in life is dangerous ground, and people who have utter certainty based on simply their own experience should be absolutely avoided.

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Drain In Peace

Welcome to my blog; Rage Against the Machine. This week I explore the current meta and shift from mk2 to mk3 as I attempt to relight the ‘rampager’ fire I was so fond of in mk2….enjoy…


Rage Against the Machine – ‘Drain In Peace’

Author: Paul North

It’s late September 2015 in sunny Ireland, and I am sat after two days of solid Warmachine with a sense of complete relief. I am done. Four solid years of playing Warmachine which involved three back to back WTC appearances, two masters trophies, hours of podcasting for Epic FM and countless road trips discussing every caster under the sun. At that point I would have rather submitted myself to a dental procedure performed in a dimly lit cave than play another game of Warmachine.

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