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England WTC


England WTC update.

Author: Phil Shaw Team England Administrator

I am pleased to announce that Christopher Lindley, Chris Young and Matt Darvill have joined the committee and will be helping me to drive the WTC forward this year. We will be working together to review the captains and then the full teams going forward. So going forward feel free to contact these guys with any queries along with myself.

I want to also thank Brett, Ryan and Andy who have given up their free time to launch Team England 2017 and pick up what was left from Holland 2016.

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Drain In Peace

Welcome to my blog; Rage Against the Machine. This week I explore the current meta and shift from mk2 to mk3 as I attempt to relight the ‘rampager’ fire I was so fond of in mk2….enjoy…


Rage Against the Machine – ‘Drain In Peace’

Author: Paul North

It’s late September 2015 in sunny Ireland, and I am sat after two days of solid Warmachine with a sense of complete relief. I am done. Four solid years of playing Warmachine which involved three back to back WTC appearances, two masters trophies, hours of podcasting for Epic FM and countless road trips discussing every caster under the sun. At that point I would have rather submitted myself to a dental procedure performed in a dimly lit cave than play another game of Warmachine.

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Fury Management (Theme Forces)


It’s Not for you!

Author: Jason Enos

Theme forces – they are like buses you wait for ages then 2 (or in this case 9) come at once. And a little like the poor dishevelled commuter who has been waiting in the pre-dawn, light drizzle for their daily commute we all jump on board with a sense of elation welcoming the warm relief offered by air conditioning & lumpy seats. Then you realise your friend just got on the next bus… one of those new eco friendly numbers with the free wi-fi  & plush cushioned seats & your bus doesn’t seem so great anymore.

Theme forces are like that – you eagerly review yours first thinking through the cool things it brings to the party, then you browse the others, or even worse head to the forums to see how they were received.  That was probably a MISTAKE.

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How to make Wurmwood good?


Wurmwood the Tree of Fate.

Author: Brett W

I don’t get it – people rave about him, the internet raves about him and the calls to address him in the upcoming errata have been consented to… even so there might still be an online petition about how good he is. But I just don’t get it… Wurmwood is pretty disappointing, in no way inspiring & certainly not very dynamic. So rather than explore what can be done to tone him down in this blog I will attempt to lay out how he could be improved!

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The Man in the Machine


Karchev ‘the Terrible AWESOME’ – For the Motherland Blog

Author: Ben Robinson

The ‘Man in the Machine’ or maybe even the ‘Ghost in the shell’ for those that follow the latest adventures of Karchev in the Cryxian tunnels under the Thornwood. He has become a MKIII rompa-stomping legend on the tournament scene, casually dominating the World meta and probably leaving your local club members scratching their heads in vain. Fortunately the errata has changed all of that… or has it…

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Piece Trading – Tactica

chessNew Kids on the Blog: How to generate good trades

Author: Mike East

Welcome to the first in a series of Epic Flail articles aimed at teaching the new player how to improve their game. There are a number of key concepts that are useful to understand when positioning your models on the table and bringing their arms to bear on the enemy.  This article will go over the basics of a term commonly known as “Piece Trading”, and if you can get to grips with it, you will find that your game will improve greatly.

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Bringing a Gun to a Knife fight


Sharpshooters required – only the best will be considered…

Authors: Tim Franklin, Jake Wilstrop, Jamie Cook-Rodgers and Brett W

There is some pretty stiff competition among the Warcasters of Western Immoren in terms of who brings the biggest, bestest gun to the knife fight. There are a number of poster boys (and girls) that are legitimately vying for the honour so let’s spend some time exploring some of the main protagonists from the perspectives of the players themselves…

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The first mistake…

younoobExperiences of a new tournament player – New Kids on the Blog

Author: Ian Roberton

I’ve just finished 12th out of 16 players and I should be happy with that, after all it was my first ever tournament. But that’s the thing, I wasn’t happy. I was content I hadn’t come last at least (That accolade is saved for another of the contributing authors to this Blog) but the four games had passed me by and I felt like a rabbit stunned in the headlights of the talent around me. I felt I didn’t understand even the basics of the game and for the first and only time, I thought maybe the game wasn’t for me. I was of course wrong!

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Baldur the Stonecleaver


Circle of Strife – Faction Blog

Author: Brett W

Circle of Orboros is currently blessed with a number of extremely competitive Warlocks as we move out of the MKIII transition period and settle comfortably into the meta that is developing. Wurmwood, Baldur 2, and Una 2 for example find themselves extremely well placed in the higher echelons of Circle power casters. Rather than explore these Casters I want to talk about a Caster and list that I have played throughout MKIII, taken to the UK Nationals, Blood and Oil and WTC – Baldur the Stonecleaver.

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